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Eliminating the Technology Gap

In a society where increasingly we are defined by access to information and what we earn is what we learn, if you don’t have access to technology, you’re going to be left in the digital dark ages. That’s what the digital divide is all about.
- William Kennard, Federal COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Chairman

Digitunity is working to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one. We partner, lead, coordinate, educate, ignite and unite people, ideas and solutions.

Pathways to Device Ownership

The solution to the technology gap must be comprehensive, a lasting pathway to device ownership and support that ensures that anyone who needs a computer can have one. That requires fostering collaboration, engaging cross-sector stakeholders, and putting in the work at the ground level to establish or improve systems. Together with communities, we’re doing just that.

Changing the Conversation

Owning a working computer and possessing the skills to use it productively is a basic need in today’s society. Overcoming the digital divide requires an entirely different conversation about device ownership and equity.

Giving Computers a Second Life

Technology reuse is a core component of solving the digital divide. Used computers represent a no-cost or low-cost path to device ownership. Since 1984, we’ve connected corporate and individual donors of technology to thousands of partner organizations serving people in need. Our proprietary donation platform makes it easy. Our national alliance of nonprofit computer refurbishers prepare and place 300,000+ computers each year.

Digital Opportunity Network

The technology gap is too wide to work in silos, so we’re taking an innovative network approach to solving it. We’ve created space to engage, connect, and take action around game-changing ideas, all in service to fostering local-level impact.

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